Saturday, May 17, 2008

A Good Start to Married Life.

As the 95th training course of Barli Development Institute for rural Women starts and new trainees are arriving from the different rural villages many travelling this far away from their village for the first time.
One couple is quite unique.
Mrs Neha Kanoje (18 Yrs) and Mr. Kiran Kanoje (21 Yrs), from Jharimata village a tribal community in Neewali tehsil of Badwani district in MP, they are just married 1week when they came to Barli on 15th May 2008 for admission of Neha for the 6 month training. Having heard about the training programmes of the institute like Cutting and Tailoring and others skills, imparted for empowering the women through Mrs Vesti bai a graduated trainee of the last 94th training course of the institute, the young husband who is in search of job, has taken the decision to admit his young wife in Barli. He shared that he strongly felt that his wife would be able to enhance her skill in vocational job like cutting and tailoring besides development of her personalities in the process of empowerment at the institute. He told that all their family members including his mother are very happy to send her for the training and will extend full cooperation to her till she completes the graduation.
In the presence of her husband, Mrs. Neha Kanoje expressed her eagerness for joining the institute as she believes the her training at Barli would empower her for enhancing her capability in vocational skill (cutting and tailoring) and later in extending economic support to her family.
Two facts, observed from the above case are.
1. The initiatives of a graduated girl from the institute, for motivating her fellow gender in the community for empowerment through Barli indicates the participatory and sustainable impact in the process of human resources empowerment in the tribal belt
2. The high potential of Barli's activities towards empowerment of poor women with tangible material benefits like income generation and other life skills has adequately sensitized this young couple to enter into this venture without hesitation.
Jimmy McGilligan
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Friday, May 9, 2008

94th Graduation Cermony at Barli Development Institute for Rural Women. Indore

On 6th May 2008 Barli Development Institute for Rural Women held its 94th Graduation Ceremony. 76 trainees graduated after their 6 month training. These young women came from 41 villages in Dhar, Jhabua, Dewas, Khargone, Badwani, Indore, Burahanpur Districts of Madhya Pradesh and Nalanda District of Bihar and Vrindavan of Uttar Pradesh.
A number of the trainees shared their experiences of what they learned during the training and how it will impact their lives
Miss Anita Dawar, 17 from village Ojhad district Jhabua read to the audience a portion from the literacy book to show off her literal skills.
Mrs Vasta Bai Morai from Barwani district, she proudly told the audience, “I am 35 years old married with 4 children all studying in school, My niece after taking training at Barli persuaded me to come
A group led by Lila from Jhabua sang a song they composed, expressing how in their village the people
Miss Jhalla Kirar 19 years old from Mundiva village in Jhabua district shared her experience how she prepared for National Institute of Open Schooling cutting and tailoring exam.
Miss Rekha Snida 16 year old trainee coming from Hargama Nalanda District Bihar, “I was a shy person,
Kavita Panwar 19 from Abhali Village Barwani District shared her experience about Hiv Aids.
Mrs Rekha Chouhan 18 years from Kotha village in Khargone district explained how she learned batik dyeing and printing,
A group led by Miss Kamla sang a song they composed about the importance of being human.
Miss Nundari Chouhan 20 years old from Ojhad village Jhabua expresses the importance of family planning.
Miss Amita Pathak 18 years from Indore highlighted the benefits of using solar energy,
Miss Ritika Permannand 16 years from Vrindavan Vatsalya Dhamin in Uttar Pradesh founded by Sadhvi Ritumbra has given her views how she is going to use utilize her training in the Ashram.
Miss Kristna Baiwal and her friends from Jhabua sang a song which they want to express that one should come out of selfishness and help each other.
Miss Sunita Chouhan 19 from village Palasada in Jhabua district expressed how she has benefitted with literacy,
Miss Balika Pamar 16 from Salitanda village Barwani district spoke on women’s empowerment.
Miss Rita and her friends from Jhabua sang a song, to spread literacy in their communities
Miss Anisa Heravian student from Berkeley University California came to institute as a volunteer.

The Chief Guest of the programme, Dr. Bhumesh Gupta Director, Academic Staff College Devi Ahilya Vishwavidyalaya, University Indore said that the Institute’s training programmes have been developed systematically and replicable. The Institute has developed curricula specific to the needs of rural and tribal women and can be used throughout the country
Mrs.Pritam Sandhu Regional Director, NIPCCD India, presided over the programme. She said” The Institute has taken a holistic approach to training rural, young and illiterate women”
The special guest was Dr. V. Rengarajan a prominent economist and development Consultant from Chennai. He told the audience “The Barli Institute has presented a new approach to community development, which includes social, economic, spiritual, and scientific development”.
Barli Institute Director Dr. (Mrs.) Janak P. McGilligan welcomed the guests and gave an introduction on the Institute. She stated that the Institute was first established as a project in 1st June 1985, under the guidance of the National Spiritual Assembly of the Baha’is of India. It was originally named the Baha’i Vocational Institute for Rural Women.
Present on the dias were, Mr. Jimmy McGilligan, Institutes manager and Dr. (Mrs.) Geeta Handa Member of the Institute’s Board of Directors.
The programme was conducted by Mrs. Dhedi Bagdhare, Programme Officer. Vote of thanks was given by and Dr. (Mrs.) Shirin Mahalati a founding member of the board of directors
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Monday, May 5, 2008

March online Edition of Barli Ki Duniya Published

ToDay 5th May the March Edition of Barli Ki Dunyia was put online
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